The Association of Independent Tutors is made up of certified teachers and other specialists who provide one to one tutorial instruction in a wide range of subject areas.

Our tutoring services complement regular classroom instruction and tutors are prepared to work cooperatively with classroom teachers and other school personnel. We can design our own programs or provide homework support.

We tutor in all subject areas from early years up through high school and a variety of university courses including mathematics and science.

The AIT is not yet set up to communicate by e-mail, but revisit this page soon. A more comprehensive page will be here soon.

Call (204) 255-4251 for more information or immediate referal.

  • When your call is answered our coordinator recommends several tutors suited to your particular requirements.
  • You make the final selection.
  • The tutor you choose works with the student using an individualized approach to teaching.

We recognize that every student has unique needs!